Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Review: The River Runs Dry by Sibella Giorello

I wanted to love it...

In all fairness I think I must first say that I usually don't read Christian inspired or based books. Not because I dislike them, but the occasion just has never presented itself.

The back cover synopsis of the story had me wanting to read more. It was intriguing and caught my attention.

I am all for a strong woman main character and Raleigh Harmon seemed a perfect fit. She is an FBI forensic special agent and searching for a missing girl. She battles life in a new city, her mother, and bureau politics. I wanted to cheer her on.

But what I found myself doing was putting Sibella Giorello's book down over and over again. Her writing was too "wordy" for me. At points it would seem like a whole page was devoted to the details of her bureau car, the weather, or even the look of a person who wasn't even a main character in the story.

I struggled to finish "The River Runs Dry". It was sedate, melancholy and almost, dare I say boring. I kept waiting for the action to come or the intensity to speed up and it just never happened.

However, because this book has no foul language or graphic details, I can easily see a teenager reading it without harm.

Would I recommend it? No. It just lulls the reader into a place where no avid reader wants to go. And that's to sleep.


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